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Why become a Matrix Channel Partner?

Matrix is a product and solutions company with its focus on R&D, Manufacturing and Marketing. Matrix works with distributors and dealers for sales, installations and after-sales services. Thus, Matrix and its partners positioned in a city or a region work together as a team to provide complete, end-to-end solutions for their common customers. Matrix and its partners specialize in separate areas and hence both complement each other to make a complete value chain for their customers. Matrix shares non-conflicting and non-overlapping relationship with its partners. Matrix needs its partners as much as they need Matrix.

Matrix offers its partners following vital ingredients necessary for any successful business:


Matrix offers a wide range of products in various telephony and security segments. They include IP PBX, Hospitality PBX, VoIP PHONES, VoIP ATAs, VoIP Gateways, GSM Gateways, Time-Attendance and Access Control systems. Such a wide range of products and solutions bring large business opportunity for Matrix partners helping them scale up their businesses.


Matrix offers support to its partners on all the aspects of mutual business. Sales support includes cost and efforts sharing for lead generation activities like advertisements, exhibitions, road-shows, etc. Matrix support during coversion includes sales training, presentations and collaterals. Whereas, after-sales support includes technical training, online support, spares, repair services and onsite support.


Matrix products and solutions are value-for-money and cost-effective compared to similar solutions in the market. They are easy to sell and allow healthy margins for the channel partners. Further, additional sales incentive schemes like Volume Discount Scheme (VDS), Target Incentives and Special Promotion Schemes add to the channel partners’ profits. Matrix also provides marketing-sales material, trainings, technical support and repair services at reasonable costs. All these factors reduce partners’ expenses and improve their bottom-line significantly.


Matrix continuously expands its existing product range to include latest technologies. Matrix also strives to expand its portfolio by adding peripheral and ancillary products. Moreover, Matrix also diversifies into adjacent segments. All such measures help Matrix and its channel partners to add new business areas for growth.


Matrix strives to build long-term relationships with its channel partners. It believes in nurturing and growing the business together. Sales activities, technical support programs and such other programs are designed keeping in mind long-term business association with partners. Such mindset brings stability and allows both the sides to work towards long-term goals.

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