Cafeteria Management System

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Modern-day organizations prefer having cafeterias operating on the same premises. These in-house cafeterias are a common sight at offices, factories, call centres, hostels, schools, clubs and hospitals. However, handling the cafeteria for a large organization with a huge amount of users is a grueling task. Manual processes are prone to errors leading to ineffective time and resource management.

Matrix offers a centralized cafeteria management solution to promote efficient operations. This software allows postpaid and prepaid accounting options for users offering a cashless setup for managing cafeterias. It has been specially designed to integrate with biometrics and RFID cards. Additionally, this solution features advanced processes like centralized recharge, refund stations and much more!

Features & Advantages:

Customizable Menu

Create and manage up to 255 Menu items and Nine Different Menus

Menu Schedule

The administrator can Schedule Menus for the User to Select and Order

Auto-selected Item

Order can be Placed by Showing Credentials

Cashless Transactions

Cashless Cafeteria Processing

Export Data to Payroll and Billing Software

Integration with any Third Party Payroll

Integration with Printer

Devices can Connect and Print Receipts with Transactions Details


Automated Cafeteria Management

Eliminate Accounting Errors

Cashless Transactions

Quick Analysis of Food Consumption

Integrate with Payroll

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