Network Video Recorders

Network Video Recorders

Network Video Recorders are the future of Video Surveillance. Unlike Digital Video Recorders, they are software-based storage devices that enable simultaneous recording and remote access to both live and recorded footage.

Matrix SATATYA PARAM range of NVRs are powerful, high-performing workhorses that are specifically engineered for serious Video Surveillance deployments. Loaded with the benefits of minimized bandwidth and storage, our superior NVRs offer ultra-high definition recording, live view of multiple streams and cascading solutions. Furthermore, they support ONVIF, RTP/RTSP over TCP/UDP, HTTP Tunneling/Interleaving to offer built-in support for all popular brands of IP Cameras in the market.

All in all, our power-packed NVRs are ideal for small, medium and large enterprises looking for complete security.

NVR Connectivity:

NVR Connectivity

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4K Decoding

Camera Initiation

12MP Camera Recording

RAID Support

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