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Security is “the most” important aspect of any organization, after the core operations. Managing and controlling the resources effectively are some of the major hiccups in an organization. Apparently, keeping a check at the time-attendance or framing the access control policies is a daunting task. Particularly, for an organization that has branches spread across various geographical locations.

Matrix People Mobility Management Solution is a one-stop solution for all your problems! We offer a comprehensive range of products and solutions and with a huge bandwidth of 1 Million users and 65,000 devices - we are aiming for the best. With a capacity that accommodates 25,000 users and 255 devices in standalone mode with advanced connectivity options. Furthermore, it features advanced technologies that allow real-time monitoring, alerts, GPS location tracking and much more!

Our People Mobility Management architecture supports new-age credentials such as Face, Palm, Biometric, RFID, PIN, and Mobile. This flexibility helps our end-customer to choose the right credentials to suit their environmental conditions. Matrix People Mobility Management Solutions comprises solutions tailored to address the requirements of organisations, irrespective of its size. Thus, making people management an effortless task.

With the expertise that stems over a period of time, Matrix offers the best breed of products and solutions. Matrix Access Control Solutions are designed to meet the expectations in order to mould a secure environment. It channelizes the process efficiently to provide or deny access, based on a three-dimensional access control - user, zone and time.

Being in a competitive industry where trends and technologies play a pivotal role, our solutions empower mobile-based access - with Bluetooth-based & QR Code scan. The solution offers 25+ powerful algorithms such as 2 person rule, Access Route, Anti-pass back and much more! Additionally, the solution has the capacity to seamlessly integrate with third party programs.

Key Features:

25+ Advanced Features

Door Interlocking

Standalone Architecture


Time-Attendance solution is an avant-garde solution, ideal for organisations with multiple locations spread across geographic regions. Engineered with features like Multiple Schedules, Absence Management Processes, punch-in/out details to generate precise reports and others. Thus, ensuring a smooth salary processing and efficient workforce management.

Matrix Time-Attendance Solution explicitly addresses the mayhems caused in the organizations. Managing various shifts and schedules is probably one of the most common pain areas. This solution offers a bandwidth that can efficiently manage up to 999 shifts and unlimited schedules. Envisioned to promote complete monitoring and centralized control, it offers an out-and-out IP-based solution. Enterprise Structuring, Policies, Leave Management, Live Headcount powered with 300+ Automated Reports and much more!

Key Features:

Attendance and Leave Policies

Centralized Connectivity

SMS and Email Notifications

300+ Customized Reports

Modern organizations are keen on placing their bets on products that leverage the use of the latest technologies and trends. Matrix People Mobility Management architecture offers a range of credentials to choose from. The products that provide accuracy or scalability that withstands extreme climate and work conditions.

Futuristic credentials like Face, Palm Vein, RFID, PIN and mobile-based credentials, we have covered it all!

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Matrix solutions offer seamless integration with third-party modules to provide a complete access control solution. Integrations can scale anywhere from boom barriers, turnstiles to a fire alarm panel, video surveillance or IP-PBX systems. Matrix COSEC Solutions are tailored to provide an automated solution - right from recording the entry/exit details to managing complicated payroll calculations, efficiently. Matrix software can integrate through APIs - Function API, Platform API and Device API. This helps in establishing a seamless integration with any third-party software viz. SAP, ERP, and so on.

Furthermore, these APIs even help in integrating our biometric devices with third-party applications and platforms.

Key Features:



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