Video Management Software

Video Management Software

Owing to the rising crime and terror issues, safety and security are of utmost importance to any organization. Today, enterprises do not need obsolete hardware-centric systems but intelligent software-based solutions that enable them to take timely actions and prevent damage rather than investigating at a later stage.

Matrix SATATYA SAMAS is a future-proof Video Management Software that is specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of large, multi-located organizations connected to a central location or a large, single site. Irrespective of its size, structure or geographical spread, SAMAS can be effectively deployed in any enterprise, all thanks to its modular and scalable architecture. Furthermore, SAMAS offers unique surveillance applications such as Parking Management, Weighbridge and Access Control Integration. As a result of its open platform and APIs, SAMAS can be integrated with various third-party applications and devices including IVA servers, BMS, Fire, ERP and other devices.

Architecture Diagram:

video management system architecture

Features & Advantages:


Centralized Management & Control

Preventive Safety & Security

Storage & Bandwidth Optimization

Easy Integration

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