Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Solutions

Organisations have the need to be well-equipped in terms of security. Thus, automated security solutions such as access control, video surveillance, employee tracking and monitoring systems are creating a boom in the market. Organizations these days have a lot of exposure, following which they tend to encounter several visitors, day in and out. Maintaining a proper log of the visitors has now become more than just a necessity!

Matrix Visitor Management Solution offers an out-and-out formula for securing and monitoring resources. Specifically engineered to address the concerns of any organization, without compromising on hospitality or productivity. This software exhibits some exceptional features that offer the best deal for many sectors. A comprehensive mobile and desktop application based on a web-based architecture, powered with the flexibility of cloud-based and on-premise architecture and the versatility of third-party integration. It features the use of a simple yet highly secure solution that covers all the aspects - effortless pre-registration from a mobile application, easy self-registration at reception, quick check-in using QR codes and much more!

Features & Advantages:

Visitor Pre-registration Using Web Portal

Automates Visitor Entry System with Pre-register the Visitor with Details

Role-based Login

Provide specific access and separate logins for visitors, host users and security personnel

Visit Approvals

Timely and Advanced Planning of Single/Team Visits

Digital Badge

QR Code for Easy and Secured Check-in

Visit Live Status Monitoring

View Monthly, Daily, and Weekly Visit Logs and Refine on the Basis of Statuses

Multi-dimensional Deployment

Web Portal, Mobile & Desktop Application


Quick Visitor Check-in Process

Efficient Visitor Security Management

Real-time Monitoring

Database for Future Use

Control Visitor Access

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